Leonardo DiCaprio Film Making

This year, DiCaprio closely associated with the film Sir Ridley Scott.Mereka collaborate for the film version of the big screen sci-fi classic Brave New World.
DiCaprio became a producer and possible star in the film is an adaptation of Aldous Huxley's novel.
Sir Ridley has ever worked with with DiCaprio in Body of Lies years ago will act as a director. Huxley paper futuristic novel written in the 1931 and published a year later. Kisahnya actually not a new theme as it has been adapted in a number of television impressions, but so far has not been appointed to the big screen. Novel about the world told that the people are divided in five caste. Akan bertutur story about a psychologist from the bottom of the caste berasyik masyuk with women from the highest caste.