Afghan Feeling Like Bung Karno

Towards the birthday celebration Independence Proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia are trying romantisme the heroic struggle for independence. A heroic past that seems to be mandatory on view in the celebration or after August 17.
Performers such as Afghan Syah Reza. At the concert yesterday, it appears with the dress style pomp President Soekarno. Beremblem white shirt with a number of pocket, and white trousers, Afghan feel like Bung Karno. But, not because the shirt he was Ir Soekarno. "He was pioneer, building the nation's zero," said the girl born in Jakarta in May 1989 was 27.
Singer "No Ordinary Love" is not only trace the pants and shirt Proklamator. Black cap typical Bung Karno also apply. Afghan-spend a day learning style imitate speech father of Megawati Soekarnoputri. "Bung Karno Orasi to greet spectators, why not," he said.
Style Bung Karni he obtained from the recorded video and read the book and open Internet. So impressed 'kembaran' Bung Karno, walk until the tone sounds like. Bung Karno sound the most typical, he said, while reading a text proclamation.