Agus Rahman Ringgo Rent Motor for court

Despite confessing cuek man, Agus Rahman Ringgo apparently also have a romantic side. Singles hero film is evidently did not want to let the boyfriend, Revalina S Temart long wait bottleneck.
Enjoy the concert finished Mr.Big Rockin Land in Java, Saturday (8 / 8), spectators out. Consequently, to exit from the Ancol, visitors must go through bottleneck along the nearly two kilometers. No patient waiting, Ringgo to invite the girlfriend, actress Revalina S. Temat motor for rent. He also rented two motorcycles. "Because much of the cave parking lot, and I hardened to it jammed up, old boy I can, so I rent motorcycles. Reva bike ride the same cave. Ringgo told, this is not the first time he invites the girl to ride motorcycles or motorcycles to rent. "I often times, the way I had with him, ga taunya jammed, I park the car, I rent motorcycles, not a headache," Ringgo and Revalina the intention to come to the biggest rock that day. "I came like two days, the second day pas Mr.Big, Reva was the intention, he invites the cave to the front stage Not only that, with admirable spirit Ringgo tells Reva that the paca, memorize all the songs Mr.Big. "Indiana, like all people, all the women there that most people know very well that he, all the songs! Even so, he invites I guess. 'You behold what is the first track?

Couples who have a relationship for two years that this is indeed music lovers. "To our business music tastes almost the same. We are both equally like The Ramones, Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd. Shirt also have the same," he said.
Reva is not whether the protests continue to ride motorcycles? I honestly do, I like him because people relaxed, a hard, do well another woman, the film just seemed quiet, he is mad original! "said Ringgo while laughing.