The Clothing, Sparkling A Travel

Travel Rusly Tjohnardi exposed in the design. Be a line of his work depicts the adventure of the soul men aged 28 this year. "I use a woven fabric to convey the story of the love in the process and the journey that resulted in a more personal end of the paper," he said during an exhibition titled L'clothing Euphorie Dharmawangsa Hotel in Jakarta, some time ago.

Scratches his time moving in time. From a short to the closed trail. The description in a way that clothing be 61 in four innings. In the first phase, there are evening gown sua Trumpets. Mini dress in the form of cheerful colors - orange, green, blue, reddish, and pink.

In the second phase, there are rainbow Sunset. Applications lace and fine embroidery on cloth topping write with crystal and stones. Material oblique cut and stacked with sweet detail at the back. Selected colors dim.In the third phase, shown from the international fashion style clothes locally. Rusly presents neoetnik sedimentation and experiment with the cultural flavor. Manufacturing through a beautiful, such as engraving in gold dress, a jacket length of cloth Bali, and tail length.
In the last phase, is presenting the Silver Moon, colorful blend of white and silvery bertabur crystal diamond jewelry and accessory America. This is the culmination point, ie, softness, and the night light shining stars.