Four On The Teach Children Tolerance

We live in a country full of diversity, whether ethnic, religious and cultural. To live peacefully side by side and required tolerance of one another. Pain tolerance should be taught in your children as early as possible.
Faster tolerant taught better life for the development of children. When children interact with the start his friends he will start to feel the difference. If it is not taught tolerant, then later he can berkonflik with his friends because of the differences. There are four ways how to teach tolerance in the liver.

1. Introduce diversity. You can start with the understanding that there are a variety of ethnic, religious and cultural. Tell us the fruits of others even if the heart has a religion or a different tribe, and the fact the same man can not be distinguished. Introduced as early as possible the diversity of later life can foster tolerance fruit to be more careful look differences are more subtle.

2. The difference is not to antagonize. Teach in the heart if there is a difference, not with hatred. Because, make sad akan hatred and offend other people. Try to get the heart to think if it was because of differences in the doghouse, it will feel sad. With so he felt more empathy and tolerant with what is perceived by others.

3. Give an example. Do not just let the words, but also obvious example. If you meet someone using a religious symbol that is quite extreme, or someone who has a different skin color, not the full eccentricity memandangnya say something especially hateful tone. Remember that you are the example for the heart. Be normal and the heart to ask if the explanation provided is that wise.

4. Tolerant to peace. Tell us you're on the attitudes of tolerance that is needed. If there is no tolerance attitude so many people will be hostile and hated each other. Tell him also, if it happens, it will not be comfortable at school or play.