Free from the mouth of the problem.

Make sure our mouth from the heat in with the suggestion that you can do immediately in 3 of the following experts.
Usually occur in summer in the lips, tongue, mouth, palate, gum and the cheek in the wall. Many assume that the lack of nutrition is the main factor of a mouth problem that often make us eat and do not feel uncomfortable in talking.
But in fact, not only the factors of nutrition course, there are several other factors that can also trigger the heat going on in our mouth. Not to worry, now, want to share information Prevention short and easy to remove from the heat in 3 different experts.

# 1 Dentist
Causes: Although the main factor not known, but some of the things that can trigger hot or stomatitis in aphtousa rekuren (SAR) is the sharp teeth irritation, immunological disturbances, hormone, and so forth.

Recommendation: To shorten the time of healing wounds, Drg.Linus Boekitwetan, M. Kes (Ort), practices in the Sunrise Garden, Jakarta, encourage us to drink mouthwash containing chlorhexidine gluconate or topikal kortikosteroid. In addition, the type of medication Topical anesthesia can also be given to ease pain.

# 2 of the Herbal
Causes: According to Dr. Mochtar Wijayakusuma, traditional Chinese medicine experts from Wijayakusuma Mochtar Acupuncture Clinic, Jakarta, occurred in the summer because of lack of iron and vitamin B12, a virus or bacterial infection, one bite the tongue, mouth, or we are sensitive to the toothpaste or a mouthwash.

Suggestion: Mix 1 tomatoes that are peeled the skin into the blender, and then enter the orange juice ½ lemon and honey secukupnya. Blender until evenly mixed. This herbal concoction to drink 3 times a day.

# 3 of the Nutrition
Causes: lack of nutrients such as vitamins C and B12 are found in many fruits and yellow vegetables, such as citrus, pomegranate.

Suggestion: There is no need to dismiss a particular food, we only need to meet the needs of vitamin C is not less than 60 mg per day, so the suggestion of Y. Yusnalaini Mukawi, MSc., Nutrition experts from the Clinic Nutrition RSPAD, Gatot Soebroto, Bangkok. And do not forget to always fulfill our daily menu with vegetables and fruits.