Jermaine Jackson Makes Sure of Islamic Religion

''May God always be with Michael (Jackson), i love you ....'' Sepenggal sentence uttered from the mouth of the eldest brother of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, namely Jackson Jermaine La jaune.
Not without reason Jermaine threw the sentence. Because he is an adherent of Islam which has become a convert since 1989.

And since becoming a follower of Islam, Jermaine Jackson changed the name to Mohammad Abdul-Aziz Jackson. Jermaine's last words, as reported by BBC News website, is the first official statement and a parting of the Jackson family over the death of Michael Jackson in Los Angeles on June 25 last.

Jermaine contiguity with the Islamic religion originated from a visit to several countries in the Middle East. The visit was conducted in the framework of the music promo tour conducted with her sister. One of the countries he visited was Bahrain. While in Bahrain, recognized Jermaine, he felt comfortable.

''We were received warmly by the people there. In fact, I had a chance to meet and talk with children about things Bahrain,''he said.

During this interaction the children ask about the religion of the musician born Gary, Indiana, United States, December 11, 1954. Jermaine spontaneously replied that he was a Christian. In contrast, a similar question was also posed Jermaine to these children, they answered in one voice: Islam.

The answer is instantly amazed him. Then these children, says Jermaine, told him about Islam. The little boy was given information about Islam in accordance with the understanding that children have their own age.

Voice''they showed me that they are very proud of Islam. Starting from where I was interested to know more of Islam.''

Not long ago after his visit to Bahrain, Jermaine decided to meet with Muslim scholars and clerics and learn about Islam with them. Various big question mark and doubts about his professed belief that it fills his thoughts during that time. How could all this time he could believe the Bible was the book composed by many people. Likewise, the explanation of the nature of God is not much he found in the Bible.

Jermaine tried to soothe himself. However, all these efforts did not succeed. Exactly the opposite, he was more convinced to switch to Islam. He conveyed his desire is to one family friend who happened to be a Muslim, Ali Qunber. Above invitation Jermaine Qunber also finally went to visit Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. From Riyadh, at the invitation of the Saudi Arabian royal family, Jermaine resume journey to Mecca to perform Umrah.

''At that time I did not know much about Islam. However, for the first time I have to say publicly that I had become a Muslim,''he said.

During the stay in Saudi Arabia, Jermaine a lot to learn about Islam from the holy book the Koran. In addition, he also studied the local clergy. Not only of the scholars, the knowledge of Islam he also gained by listening to tapes released by British pop singer, Cat Stevens, who has become a convert and change his name to Yusuf Islam.

''I learned a lot from the songs he (Yusuf Islam),''said the fourth child of nine children musicians Jackson family.
Once converted to Islam, recognized Jermaine, he felt reborn. He found the answers to many questions that have not been able to he found in Christian doctrine.

According to him, Islam is only really provide a satisfactory answer to his question about the birth of Jesus. And, for the first time, said Jermaine, he felt sure how the name of religion.

Returning to the United States, Jermaine find bitter conditions of Islam. Mass media in the country at that time was intense, incessant violent attacks against Islam and Muslims. In fact, he had become one of the targets of the attack launched by the mass media in America. Negative sentiments towards Islam and its followers are also carried by his fellow artists and Hollywood artist. Hollywood circles it is often demeaning Muslims by accusing them as a group of terrorists with no apparent reason. ''(condition) It makes me sad.''

To remove the negative stigma that, as a Muslim, Jermaine taken measures so that what is described by the mass media in America about Islam and its followers are wrong. The same sense he conveyed to all members of the family.

''After becoming Muslim, I felt a big change in me. I started to leave all the things forbidden in Islam. And, this is certainly difficult to be accepted by the family. Moreover after various kinds of criticism posted to his extended family.''

Of the family, the first time Jermaine was rebuked his mother, Catherine Jackson. ''You (have) taken this decision all of a sudden, or has thought through?''Jermaine said, quoting the words of Catherine at the time. His mother, Jermaine replied firmly that all these decisions he took after a long thought.

With the decision to Islam, his family considered that she has maintained a sense of hostility among the American public. However, Jermaine was confident that his family would not be the same as the American people in general, because he grew up and raised in a family environment that is democratic and open with a difference.

''We respect all religions, so why Jackson's family feel comfortable making friends with people from various religions. With the same reason, they can accept my decision,''Jermaine light.
Not only parents and siblings who can accept the new faith Jermaine, but also seven sons and two daughters and his wife. Even they, says Jermaine, followed in his footsteps to become a Muslim. Of the four women, three of whom he was married officially, Jermaine had nine children.

From Hazel Gordy ex-wife he had two sons (La jaune Jermaine Jackson and Autumn Jackson Jr.). From Margaret Maldonado that he was not married, Jermaine have two children (Jeremy Maldonado Jourdynn Jackson and Michael Jackson).

While from the second ex-wife, Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza, she got three kids (Donte Jackson, Jaffar Jackson, and Jermajesty Jackson). While the current wife, Halima Rashid, he got two children. he / islam religion

Name       : Jermaine Jackson
Muslim name: Muhammad Abdul Aziz Jackson
Birthday   : Gary, Indiana, December 11, 1954.
Wife       : 4 people
Children   : 9 people