Jim Carrey Move from The Three Stooges

Cancel a project in the film seems to have been usual in the Hollywood film industry. After Sean Penn, now turn back to Jim Carrey's' The Three Stooges'.
Previous actors Sean Penn withdraw the project from the film 'The Three Stooges'. And now the turn Jim Carrey decided to resign. While this is not clear why Jim decided back.
This is indeed beyond the allegations. The Jim Carrey is making preparations for the mature figure Curly in the film is comedy.

"He really prepare for a role Curly. Basically, he (Jim) has been prepared to increase body weight. He must increase body weight of about 20kg to portray Curly, "said Jenny McCarthy, as lovers.

According to reports Contatc Music, Peter Farrelly, one of two brothers who will contribute to the film confirm this Jim Carrey no longer listed as a supporter of this project, although the reason is not mentioned.

Previously, Jim Carrey is always rebut the comedy associated with this project, although in the end his name was recorded as one of supporting the film with Paul Giamatti and Benicio del Toro is installed as a substitute for Sean Penn.