Keep lips moist & Stay Beautiful During Ramadan

Lack of water consumption during the run of worship fasting can cause dry lips and broken in pieces. As a result, you lose your sense of confidence and comfort in the top. To cope with his mouth mask can be the right choice to maintain the humidity and the beauty of lips during fasting.

According to dr Dyah Novita Anggraini Cita's Beauty Center Street 11 Number 119 Wijaya, Kebayoran, South Jakarta, dry lips and broken in pieces caused by life style that is not healthy.

"From the dry mouth caused by a lack Feed consumption of foods such as fruits and vegetables, lack of fluids in the body such as the customs of white water to drink less and the lifestyle that is not healthy, such as smoking, drink alcohol and coffee, the habit and lick the lips with saliva (especially at when lips are dry). The cause of dry mouth from the outside due to changes in temperature, so that the lips can not adapt, air pollution and pung use toothpaste that contains a lot of detergent and the use of cosmetics that contain chemicals too hard, "he explained.

Usually, during Ramadan, reduced water consumption. His day Muslims are obliged to fast. Because of the lack of water consumption, lips lose their humidity. As a result, the lips become dry and broken in pieces. Kontan, neat appearance is reduced because your mouth is no longer chic. Comfort in the appearance and the confidence is reduced.

So, how do you anticipate it? Mouth mask can be the right option for you. Easy and can be done alone.

"The mask is to keep the lips and the slow processes and that is not expected to reduce the incidence of black lines on the lips," said dr Dyah.

Lip mask is a practical solution. There needs to be done every day and can be effectively melembapkan skin lips. Melembapkan lips, providing cooling effect, provide nutrition, and reduce the dry lips and broken in pieces due to smoking (black color). The use of masks lips can be done at least 1-2 times a month.

"A healthy lifestyle also influence color on the lips. If you are a smoker then the lips will be more visible black," he explained.

To make a mouth mask, there are steps that should be adopted,

"At first, clean lips with make-up remover to remove the remnants lipstick, lipgloss, dust and dirt. Then, application mask on the lips for about 30 minutes. Texturized After the mask is very soft and fit in time will add to the cold freshness in the mouth, "said dr Dyah.

Result, the lips will feel soft, chewy and moist. Lip color will look more shinny. For maximum results, continue the recommended treatment. "If compared with the lip scrub, mask products more secure because of the scrubs can cause irritation effect compared with the use of masks," he added.

We recommend you use the mask's mouth in the house as homecare. For, the use of simple, practical and does not need the help of others. "Does not have side effects if the product is used in accordance with the regulations. All people can use both men and women and there is no age limit," said the female graduates of Faculty of Medicine University of Pelita Harapan this.

Furthermore, dr Dyah give some tips so that the mouth is always moist and red look natural. First, a lot of white water to drink at least 8 glasses a day. Also recommended to not use lupstik repeatedly. If the mouth feels dry it is white-washing with water and do not use saliva. The saliva contains the enzyme thus creating irritation in the mouth cortex.

"Do not wet lips with saliva as it will make the irritation. We use the water with the use of white water or treat it by using traditional materials such as honey when lips feel dry and broken in pieces," said the woman is a graduate in 2008.

Also recommended to the consumption of fruit containing vitamin C such as citrus and mango. "The use of antiseptic and lipbalm daily is also good to make the lips stay moist. Please note, avoid eating oily food. With lips always so healthy even though fast," he said.