Keeping Breast To Stay Beautiful

Consider nutrition. Eating a balanced diet will make you lose weight so ideal. With BB ideal, the overall appearance of the body including the breast will be formed by natural. Avoid rubbing too hard. Because the breast skin contains only a little collagen, especially in the areola (skin around the nipple) and nipple, the breast with a swipe avoid rough objects, such as scrubs or towel. Do not forget to apply moisturizer without fragrance.

Sports dong. Movement exercise done regularly will train the chest muscles. But it must be regularly yes, let the maximum results. Wear a bra that fit the size and shape of breasts. The most important is comfortable to wear, and do not forget to wear a special bra during exercise. In order to keep your breasts well and can absorb sweat.

Do not forget SARARI, Self Breast Check. Perform routine after each menstrual period and immediately contact a doctor if a lump or something unusual in the breast. From Various Sources.