Let Compare Miss Indonesia & Malaysia

Asa Miss Indonesia 2008, Zivanna Letisha Siregar, failed to become Miss Universe 2009. Universal queen's title again strapped Miss Venezuela, which this time was given to Stefania Fernandez.

But Zivanna achievement can not be taken lightly. In the online poll results, Zivanna success at the top bertenggar shifting all competitors, including from neighboring countries, Malaysia.

In terms of the acquisition points in a poll conducted online, making Zivanna managed 2.84 points with a predicate three stars. Although ultimately, the birth of Puteri Indonesia Jakarta, February 16, 1989 it failed to receive the crown of Miss Universe.

However, during the acquisition of online poll, the virgin who was familiarly called Zizi shifts contestants long before Thailand perched on top.

The queen of Thailand, Chutima Durongdej, now in fifth position with a value of 2.67. Now, pretty girl who familiarly called Zizi is still in charge 'standings' as the beauty queens of the world.

Another case with Miss Malaysia, Joanabelle Ng. If Indonesia is at the top position in the online poll, Miss Malaysia is the opposite. In the online poll on the official website of Miss Universe, 21-year-old girl was in the order of distended.

Puteri Malaysia Kinabalu origin points just got 2:04 with two stars. Beautiful woman who speaks excellent English and Mandarin had to be content to be in the position of the bottom 83.