Luna Maya never leaked fast

Working with a busy schedule seems to be the norm for celebrity figures, including Luna Maya. Especially when ramadhan, where various events are often displayed and the artist must have made the capital of Luna should be ready to appear.

Luna, first appeared in the program Strikes 20 Year RCTI from Imsak until evening. Not to mention, shooting breaking fast at other television stations. "Yeah, I'm so tired. But I try professional," said airport Bali-Czech descent punctuated event "Strikes 20 Year RCTI, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.

Although activity remained solid. Luna tried to stay the month of fasting. Not occurred in his mind to break the fast. "I tried really so fast and work the road together," said Ariel Peterpan love this.

However, Luna grateful. Amid extraordinary busy, he was given the opportunity to worship. He admitted, trying to take advantage of the existing time for worship took.