Overcoming Addictions Sex

Wise people often say, if anything it is too excessive bad consequences. What about the follow-up and sexual activity? Are people addicted to sex is also very bad consequences. Perhaps there are some who say that there are really disprove it. No need to debate, but see the following information about this sex addicted.
What is sex addicted?
Experts concluded that sexual abuse is addicted to sexual activity and not be controlled. Addicted to the sex force of the 'people' to explore the opportunities and always related to sex each time, which can affect the self, social relationships and the scope of work.

Men habitue for sex, this can cause 'catastrophe' for himself, especially if not accompanied by the adult mind. Habitue sexual problem generally does not feel there was something wrong with him. Most of the sex habitue deny that says if there is a problem itself. Reasons that are often revealed habitue of sex, if the reason why they asked for sex is everything.

Addictions sex can form different, but in general the form of outside control. Behavior such as:
- Things like pornography smelly excessive
- Ekshibisionis and the like
- Too often masturbasi
- Like the Internet or phone sex
- Affair conducted with people
- Sex-risk (high risk sex)

Sex can become a 'dependency' as well when you depend on alcohol and drink more. During sex do, our bodies produce a chemical reaction that makes us feel 'comfortable' and quiet.

Some people become addicted to the 'property' of this chemical reaction and becomes obsessed to always get the sensation sex is higher again. And any body with this chemical reaction, so that the 'votary' is always trying to maintain sexual activity, in order to get the 'conditions' that have been it.

Habitue sex difference and it sex, habitue often do not care if himself in danger when you want to do is sexual action. It sex can still think 'straight' and reverse the action if it will bring sexual danger or shame, either on themselves or on the spouse. While habitue akan keep and no matter the consequences.

Approximately 2-6 percent of the total population of the world addicted to sexual abuse. But the reality may be greater than the amount that, considering the fan is usually ashamed to acknowledge the situation themselves and do not have the courage to visit a doctor to seek help.

Limit to the contract that sex addiction is not limited to any age, occupation and gender. Since the more widespread use of the internet, where the service element of the sex cheap and easy, experts predict the sex of habitue growing in number.

Dr. Patrick Carnes, one of the experts in the field of perlaku addicted irregularities and sexual abuse, said that there are some symptoms that need to be addicted in the note about sexual abuse, namely:

1. Feeling that you are not starting

2. The tendency to perform sexual activities that damage / high-risk

4. Sexual fantasize like to meet the sexual desire that can not be achieved

5. Not feel able to stop our attitudes, even knows about all the consequences of your actions on these

6. Always wanted a more sexual activity, at least as capable at once or even more than that

7. Spend more time just to satisfy sexual desire, and all things about sexual activity

8 .. More to the sexual activity over the need to socialize, work and affairs of other entertainment.

9. Always wanted to do things that smell sexual

How Overcoming
If you feel has the behavior as mentioned above, the first must realize is addicted sexual is a serious problem will not disappear by itself. You must get treatment or therapy to cure it.

Most people find it difficult to change perilakunya own. You may be able to reduce the sexual activity for a while, but the cycle is usually more frequent and difficult to be. Therapy services from the professional can help you understand what is going on and strengthen the spirit to change your sexual life become more healthy.

Treat sexually addicted, addicted as other, is highly dependent of the person concerned. If he can realize that and have done a willingness to change, treatment will become easier. The process of treatment can be a series of therapy on sexual health, a healthy love relationship, marriage, or the program support group. Sometimes certain drugs, like Prozac or Anafranil, needed to keep out excessive sexual encouragement.

If your addicted to sex, this is a challenge for you to help him change his behavior. You also need to realize that no one can recover a sense of addiction unless he himself has accepted that problem and is committed to change. Having sex couples who are heavily addicted and confusing, but not this case may not be cured. You only need to encouraged to consult a doctor.