Paris Hilton-Doug intimate smooch on the island of Fiji

Paris Hilton and former girlfriend Doug Reinhardt glad its back for a relationship again after dropping out in June then. Both spend a romantic holiday in the Fiji Islands.

In fact, in a photo. Paris and Doug smooch intimate beaches along the island Wadigi, Fiji Islands.

According to a source close to Paris, Doug has to rent an island in Fiji only to get Paris back to his neck,
"He means to do the romantic Paris to create the impression," said the source.

In his twitter, Doug praised the Fiji Islands as a matter of the most beautiful places in the world. "Wadigi Island in Fiji is the perfect place for romantic, very private and beautiful," he said.

Hilton in twitternya also praised Wadigi island in Fiji, as if to add any posts Doug. "Wadigi the island, as a marvelous place for a holiday. It is indeed a paradise. A perfect place to vacation," he said.

News Hilton close relationship of both the return meeting, Paris The family does not like the relationship of both.

"I think Paris needs a more mature man, older and have their own thoughts," said his mother Paris, Kathy.