Quick pregnant

You are trying to get pregnant, you can try some of these tips to help so that you can get pregnant. Maybe you heard a lot about when circulating the best time to have sex according to the cycle of women, how many times do sexual relationship, sexual positions and how to do and others things that can increase your chances of pregnancy.

Some Tips For pregnant:

-The best time for conception
It is important to know when the best time for the occurrence of conception in a woman. The best time for conception or fertilization is when the fertile period or ovulasi of a woman.

To note that the mature eggs only survive 24 hours while men live 48-72 hours in a woman's body. Therefore, to have sex before ovulasi better time to improve the pregnancy rather than a day or two days afterwards.

- Frequency of sexual
Frequency or how often to conduct sexual relations, this all depends on each pair. There is no specific number of how many times can make sure someone must do for sex can get pregnant. There are women who get pregnant with just one time only, but others take longer. The most important "how often" you do on the sexual relationship "is the best time for conception."

- Enjoy your sexual process.
Research shows that when a woman reaches orgasme, akan formed on the alkaline environment in which sperm vagina like conditions than normal vagina (acid environment). If you reach the orgasme at the same time or shortly after your ejakulasi sperm for the opportunity to congratulate the servik better.

- Position of sexual relations.
Sex position that is recommended to increase the likelihood of a male pregnancy is over.

- Do not Moving Many After Sex?
There is no evidence that indicates that after the sexual relationship with the moving and still not in a position to sleep with a foot or more high waist after sex will increase fertility. Because the sperm is actually already in servik shortly after ejakulasi.

But there are still experts who recommend for a moment to give the sperm to swim servik and elastic waist with a pillow during sex.

Also important that when you clean up, avoid using cleaning fluid vagina shortly after the sexual relationship, because the vagina cleaning fluids can be toxic to sperm.

- Create the husband
The husband should avoid wearing trousers that are too tight or warm bath water, this will decrease the possibility of pregnancy because of the emphasis in the summer or testis (sperm forming).

- Relaks
Try to keep rileks in the face with this pair because stress will only make the occurrence of conception.

- Keep your health.
Maintaining health is a basic essential. Make sure your body enough nutrition. Remember that healthy women who get pregnant will be easier than that have excessive body weight or less.

This is all the tips to help you to increase your chances to be pregnant. Remember most, when the sperm into the channel tuba and a mature egg ready to be fertilized only 30% have only a positive pregnancy test results and the remaining 70% even though doing everything correctly but still have to wait and try again.

And if you've tried to do this for 1 year and also not pregnant, should consult with your doctor to get the best handling.

Good luck!

However, in addition to the description above all, lest we forget the one thing that is most important to Pray in God, the Creator of man. Because basically we are not the birth of human children, we are just intermediaries only.