Sarah Sechan Hobbies Events Watch Gossip

Sarah confess like to follow the development of other artists.

Sarah Sechan closed with the media is a matter of personality. However, this claim is the presenter of the hobby is watching the development of infotainment for gossip.

"I also am a housewife, I also like watching infotainment lho," said Sarah found time in Jakarta, Wednesday 19 August 2009.

Although do watch events gossip, artist named Sarah Meirizka Hardiany Sechan this most taboo dimintai comment concerning artists who are struck down as divorce gossip.

"I do not want to want to know too. That's their problem," he said.

Maintain harmony in the household with the Emir Hakim, Sarah chose to not be too open with the media. He is lazy when asked concerning the household.

"If you ask why there is rarely the way with my husband, I will not answer. I really keep my comments"