Second Phase Career Krisdayanti

TO book My Life My Secret, Velasquez said that the singer himself now entered the second phase keartisan.Masa in the world a more peaceful, adult themselves, and avoid controversy and conflict.

Starting with peace with themselves and acknowledge the mistake in the past. KD, as he  usual, no embarrassed reveal some controversy in this book. "Keep the light of my head because this Does not reflect contra matter, but always to think far ahead," said KD found in the area when the Gatot Subroto, some time ago. So far so good community response. Book entry as the best seller, and enters the second printing. "They read, the extraordinary respect. I am at peace with yourself, it's fun, "augment him. Women's birth Batu, Malang, 24 March 1975 is that not all secrets are opened to the public.

Of course there is still a secret, but there is always a great time to said. Dia only need to arrange a career and life in the second phase is possible. "I do not descend from the top with tears, but I was coming down with a variety of trial, not trusted and sad . From there we may not own, "said the mother of two children. Luckily she has a husband, Anang Hermansyah, very understanding. Master of life and his true love. Anang also introduces the KD in the business world.

Under the flag KD Production, they began to use a number of projects including three concerts and a concert diva Jimmy Bondoc. Future, KD confident he can succeed as promotor.I  proud to do this because based on hobbies and talents, "he said. Talk talents, KD may not be in the kitchen as well as sister Yuni Shara. However, he expects a time can take a culinary course. "Enrich themselves with new capabilities.

KD may be kidding, but cooking is not useful for most serve family.Dia have a Japanese restaurant in Senayan City, but less to run smoothly. Described by him, he will lack the cooking cook make himself negligent supervise the quality of cuisine. "At least if we understand food, must less know where," he cetus. Ramadan is a lot of time spent with family. His mother is still undergoing a period of recovery stroke.KD will be happy to accompany Mother . Now he was ready to release this special album with the hits No Ordinary Woman.