Six Men Error When Sex Related

Destination men have sex not only just achieve satisfaction only. There are special reasons why you want to be trusted as a partner, rope-generation forward, to create harmony, and so forth. Essentially, most men want to give a positive meaning in their relationship. But unfortunately, sometimes men only lust and not rely on the heart in intimate touch. Instead want to make partner, make it a bad dream that. Not denied, men often do make the fatal error. Calculated from various sources, errors are:

1. Too impetuous.
Most men like a wild animal if it is above the bed. This is prohibited in the regulations make. Sometimes, men too in the spirit of sex so it does not consider the couple who need heating or foreplay. Can not be denied, and fondling women need more stimulus duration on the sensitive area so it is completely ready to perform coitus. For most women, foreplay or heating prior to intimate touch is absolutely necessary and must be done.

2. Too rely on the size of the "weapons".
Do not force the penis to make excessive penetration in "heaven" of women. Sensitive area here is only about 5 to 7 centimeters from the mouth of "Miss V". Vital tools that men, too big thus making sick sometimes vagina during penetration. This occurs because the size of the penis that is not comparable with the size of the vagina vagina. As a result, the vagina was forced to widen the course painful.

3. Most of the waist.
Generally, men often use the waist movement when "dancing" above the bed. However, not rocking in the waist, but waist. Not believe? Try to move the waist when you make. After orgasme, your shoulders will hurt. Orgasme means sudden release sexual tension is collected, resulting in muscle contraction in the waist, not the waist.

4. Believe meat goats.
There is a goat meat may increase sexual passion. But, you know that if too much consumption of meat goats can threaten prostat?

5. Force yourself.
Health prime condition required for smooth have sex. Do not force the body when you're not fit, because only inflame the scene adult movie or see its elegance and beautiful body pair. If imposed, this could result in not good. You can be sick and do not take pride in pairs.

6. Hurriedly pull a "weapon".
After have sex, do not pull out too fast You let alone direct it to sleep. At that time, women want a little spoiled with fondling or caress my warm. This looks trivial, but generally women will be resentful if you sleep directly. Cordial make spoon after it can make men's relationships with spouse and in the more closely.
Six Men Error When Sex Related

Basically, do not be selfish in the make. Not only that you want to feel its terrible orgasme. Think about your partner that also want to stretch favors.