Slenderize 5 Sunday in the style of Reese Witherspoon

Dietary pattern is preferred a lot of people famous, because it does not need to reduce food favorites.

How the stars' Legally Blonde 'Reese Witherspoon looks more spectacular from year to year. Body slim mother of two daughters is indeed often make many women envious.

However, when you know he's divorced a year ago Ryan Phillipe, Reese had a depression because of increased body weight, and all appear in the body? But, now with pride, Reese can tell the media that he has found the solution of the problem. Slim body back and all free. What's the secret?

"The key is kominten. If you want to have the skin and trim all free, we can not run the program in half. It must be consistent!" he said.

He rented for personal fitness trainers' turn 'into the body of interest. Program diet and do in the sport known as'5 Factor Diet '.

This dietary pattern is indeed deliberately designed to Hollywood celebrity fitness instructor, by Harley Pasternak. Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry, Eva Mendes Hollywood actress and the other was also in this pattern.

This diet program is digandrungi women, because the food does not need to reduce your favorites. '5 Factor diet 'diet is a program for five days and consists of 5 types of sports during the five minutes per session per day. And, 5 types of food in small portions to be consumed five times per day.

Five types of food that is consumed must consist of 5 food components, namely, the protein (fish, chicken, eggs), complex carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, corn, cassava, cassava, pasta, bread), fiber (vegetables and fruits) , good fat (olive oil, nuts and avokad), and drink without the actual sugar (white water or fruit juice with no extra sugar).

"This menu if consumed in small portions and consumed five times a day to make sense of satiety and longer maintain blood sugar remains stable," said Pasternak, contriver this diet.

For 5 weeks, you are 'off' this diet for 5 days. However, there can be five days in succession. Day diet do so once a week (diselingi day diet). "Diet is very simple and effective. It is important, do not drop out in the middle of the road when we follow this dietary pattern," said Reese.

While the types of sports that Reese is done pilates, yoga and running. "I turn to sports in five days. And, I just need to do this for 5 minutes each sesinya. The result, I get the weight that I want in the next five days!" he said smiling satisfied.