Beauty Women's Enchantment

To form a winsome lips, speak words of goodness. To get the beautiful eyes, look good in every person you met. to get a slim physique, share their food with the hungry. To get that beautiful hair, ask a child to its menyisirdengan finger every day. To get a beautiful body posture, walk with the knowledge, and you'll never walk alone.
People, far exceeding all other creation. Need to constantly change, update, re-established, and be forgiven. So, never lower a person's heart you. When you have done all that, always remember. If an when you need help, you will always have one hand overextend. And with the increasing age you are, you will be more syukuri men have been given two hands, one for helping yourself and one to help others.
Women's beauty lies not in the clothes worn, not in the form of the body, or how to comb her hair. Beauty found in the woman's eyes, the way he looked. Because the eyes are located at the gateway to every human heart, where love can grow.
Beauty is not in the female face of urbanity. But the beauty of pure, radiated in the soul, with a loving attention to give him love and give. And beauty that will grow over time.