Catenarian Selebritas the Real Berdiet Weird

The body is not only a beautiful dream for the selebritas. The beauty of it is shown with slim body and has a section so that the main condition of berkarier in the world for entertainment. So, regardless wonder if hearing the gossip selebritas are willing to do all ways to get the ideal body shape, from the exercise, the operation, until a strange diet that is able to make the forehead berkernyit. Such as whether their strange diet? Here are some examples:

Reese Witherspoon: baby food
Although it looks strange, according to the recognition Whiterspoon, the diet is successful. Inamorato handsome actor Jake Gyllenhaal is eat normal food for adults only once a day. After that, he chose the cream soup, fruits (apples and oranges), boiled chicken and boiled vegetables.

In fact, baby food, including one type of food is very healthy because it is rich in vitamins. In addition, this dietary pattern also allows us to get enough fiber, calories, and protein.

Liz Hurley: soup special
See the appearance, many people will take this one section of women are still about 25 years. Hurley would like to know a secret so that the body can get semolek it? He appeared to have a special soup recipe creation itself.

Boil two potatoes, one onion, cloves, and chicken soup are the size of IM in the pot. Add salt and pepper, and heat until boiling. So, enter the three bunch celery before the soup from the stove top.

Beyoncé Knowles: herb lemon
During the ten days, Beyonce did not allowed any food other than eat the concoction made of lemon, maple syrup, water, and cayenne. Each time you feel hungry, troubadour song''Hello''this must be the fluid is.

The result, he successfully eliminate the body weight of 14 kilograms in two weeks, before a role in the movie musical''Dreamgirls''. However, this diet does not afford sufficient demand we will be key elements such as protein, fatty acid, and vitamins.