Healthy after Smoothing

Smoothing process is similar rebounding. The difference, smoothing the material chosen not to make straight hair become rigid. However, although smooth and straight, hair can be blow-inflate, so that it does not look drenched. Hair in a pro-smoothing problem if you treat lazy. Become damaged hair, dry hair and a rough edge. Therefore, you need to take extra care, so that the hair still interesting.
Smoothing, aka hair straightening, hair make you a fine set, soft and straight is natural. Well, so that the result of lasting good, do akstra treatment such as the following:

    1. Do not shampoo until three days after the smoothing. For drugs that are still working on the hair will be lost.
    2. After three days, do hair mask, hair mask or to provide vitamins to the hair that has been exposed to chemical substances.
    3. Trim your hair once a month to be free from the tip of the hair-tip a rough start.
    4. Sisirlah your hair with a comb toothed rarely easy not to fall off.
    5. Use anti-frizz spray, or anti-frizz oil melembapkan for all hair and prevent hair uncombed.
    6. If you want to use the vise so that the hair is straight hair, use hair moisturizer or products that may be just me moist hair, that is not exposed to dry heat. Should not need too often to use hair clamp, because it can eliminate sultriness to it.
    7. Hide the hair tie, in the jaws, as it would leave the former wave is difficult to go back straight.
    8. Once a week your hair with hair mask in order to keep hair healthy. Hair mask can be done in the salon or at home (you can buy a hair mask products in the supermarkets or shops, cosmetics).
    9. You also can shampoo twice a week after a hair mask. Use kondisioner after shampoo, especially at the end of the hair that's easy to shrink (due to drop in drug's hair to the ends of the base of the hair).
   10. Do not paint if the new hair-smoothing. Wait up to 3 months until your hair is exposed to loud noise, chemicals again.