I love charm

Kasihlah love and who can unify the man to culminate in a marriage as a sacred ceremony. Anyone want a certain life and have more happy and prosperous family.
Words of love that is the Conference of the good well-Anne Avantie newest collection for display. Themed "Kekaseh", the designer of Semarang is also showing a series of good to perfect in the happy days when you step over to the gate wedding.
"With the collection 'to love' this, wishes that life expectancy for a peaceful and prosperous can be realized," said Anne Avantie that hold it in between the series of events Folk Festival 2009 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta, some time ago.

Kebaya with the sacred colors of white, off white, gold, and destroy the peace with the natural light seems imply atmosphere full of peace and love. Additional beads and details on each citation on the good use of materials such as tyle, crank, france lace, lace, yarn gym, Sulam yarn, and silk to give "spirit" in the collection of kebaya "Kekaseh".
Solid-toe from the frontier, such as batik, songkets, to veil, and no additional accessories to make the bride look excessive, even rise to the impression her elegant woman of Indonesia. Yes, each in his work, Anne Avantie always presenting a fashion show of national metamorfosis Indonesia and Indonesian kebaya.
Habituate only good with a long white veil which dangle like tails behind the wedding dress ball gown, looks very elegant and graceful. Presents a fashion show of harmony and soul.
Or see the good with accents of gold tails using cloth puppets motivated people. Appear different, but not the elegance of the bride on the day of istimewanya.
In addition to Anne, a collection of designer wedding dress and bridal boutiques renowned consecutive animate the exhibition equipment, such as John Bridal presenting a collection themed "Queen of the Greek."
Collection wedding dress ball gown with a bank accents, lace, bolero and even able to suck in visitors. Not far different with Anne, John also choose colors such as white, off white, and brown for a collection inspired from the dress-gown queen Greek past.
Meanwhile, Yumi Katsura and Daviolynn Brides do not want to display the collection lag, expensive dress. Nuance of the white and off white is a dish that hit the visitors.
Accents-accents such as flowers, flags, tape, and sowing in Swarovsky crystal ball gown, a siphon effect glamorous and elegant. All seems to genapi's queen a day at the throne of his wedding.