Lipstick Queen

Poppy CYBELE KING is a successful young Australian origin. His father died when he was 7 years old. For many years he and education in the Wesley College, Melbourne. His name is synonymous with the cosmetics company Poppy Industries. Obsesinya against cosmetic lip products, making them the chance to wrestle in the business since adolescence.

Dissatisfaction against Poppy lipstick colors that are available in the market at that time, became one of triggered the idea to build his own company lipstick.

''I always want to rival Hollywood first period. I seek out a red lipstick and dark chocolate, but does not have a sell. All products are very shiny,''the story of women born in the 23 May 1972.

Although the background does not have a business and capital to start a business, Poppy remain with the firm's color. He requests a number of sponsorship funds from local institutions, and the search of the factory that would produce lipstick through its phone book.

''I do like being a school project. I do not think twice or fear,''augment him.

In 1992, Poppy lipstick launched its latest series, The Seven Deadly sins, which consists of seven colors. Series was exploded in the market, so that within three years the company has grown into one of the largest cosmetic companies in Australia.

Poppy growing business and he succeeded in a profit to $ 6 million year. Top of success, the predicate''Poppy was Young Australian of the Year''in 1995, and in juluki''Global Leader for the New Millennium''by Time magazine.

In 1998, Poppy had to swallow bitter reality. Expansion plan and disputes with business partners to create a company that he built with great difficulty suffered a knock.

Fortunately, the goddess Fortuna side on Poppy, because there are investors who are willing to invest some funds so that the company could rise again. In 2002, the Poppy accept bids from Estee Lauder to move to New York and fill the position of vice president for brand marketing creative Prescriptive.

However, the position is apparently not able to satisfy pent-up desire Poppy, so three years later he decided to change from Estee Lauder. ''The higher the position you, the souls of the remote user product. Position is not fit for me,''his blazing.

Poppy then rebuild cosmetics company and its brand re-launch the Lipstick Queen, which is marketed in the United States and the UK. In addition, he also wrote a book entitled Lessons of a Lipstick Queen (2008), which relate to personal experiences lipstick.

''When I write the book to realize that designing a new lipstick and a lipstick brand itself is always the main impetus for me to continue in this business,''he said.

In addition, Poppy believe experience does not always determine success, and not feeling self-satisfied is the biggest enemy of creativity. ''Do not be satisfied with a quick victory for you, makes you feel curious akan become more creative,''the message.