Nature's Secret Beauty

Beautiful is identical with the skin clean and healthy. Nature provides a variety of materials to appear inadh.Mulai fruit, chocolate, sea salt to the water. Invasive technology in the current beauty of the world can not afford to replace elements of nature. Evidence the various skin care with natural products still tune.

Just a scrub fruits vegetables and fruit. Treatment with the beauty of fruits and vegetables has a significant property. Natural materials used to make this treatment is also safe for the body. Want to try? Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa is ready to spoil you with the therapy Cranberry Body Wellness Ritult.

Treatment with Cranberry fruit is claimed to be able to make skin feel more elastic. This is Deputy General Manager of PT Martha Beauty Gallery Wulan Tilaar as breakthrough new Martha Tilaar adjusted with world trends. "We want to offer a new treatment that is of course different, and in accordance with world trends.

Based on the survey, Cranberry can make the skin become more elastic and fresh, "said Wulan. Furthermore, adding that Wulan Cranberry fruit has a rather large property. He said, since the 21st century as Cranberry famous consumer product which is very attractive because it has a womb nutrition, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Therefore, Cranberry get the nickname as superfruit. In addition to fruit, chocolate also has many benefits to keep skin stay smooth, smooth, and segar.Sebab, some treatment centers that use a lot of chocolate as a treatment.

Chocolate Salon & Spa, for example. At the salon, located in the area of Tebet, South Jakarta, you can enjoy a variety of chocolate sensation in your body. Owner, Rahayudi said Dewi, a visitor can do the serbacokelat care, head start to the end of the foot.

"The concept that we deliberately present a completely chocolate," said Dewi, while recognizing a new spa to operate since the December. "Therefore, we still give the price promotion," sebutnya. Why chocolate? Dewi describe, other than as a snack favorite women, chocolate that has a myriad of benefits for beauty, especially for the skin.

"Cokelat is good for the skin, making skin more healthy also feel more smooth, soft and fragrant," a woman who also has a salon in this area Mampang. Chocolate indeed contain the polyphenol antioxidants, which are also found in the fruits, vegetables, and red wine.

In terms of health, antioxidants is able to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. In addition, chocolate is also rich in vitamins A and E are very important to repair the skin cells, skin rejuvenation and accelerate blood circulation.

From outside, all the benefits of this makes the skin look more fresh and soft, and makes the skin of sweet chocolate that tempt. Chocolate Salon & Spa embrace all of these benefits in a complete treatment package consisting of massage, lulur, masks, bath chocolate, and brown hair spa.

As a bonus, customers who come will be given a welcome drink hot chocolate drink and a delicious calm. Other natural materials that can make you appear perfect is beautiful from sea salt. For those who want to feel special property thalassotherapy.Paket thalassotherapy combined with hydromassage example.

Beauty is only skin destination this side of the package, while the main goal is to make the body more rileks with massage and water pressure. Again with the thalasso massage combined with aromatherapy and seaweed scrubs.

The aroma therapy can improve certain body immune system, also cure insomnia. Besides useful for health, also has benefits because the beauty is able to lift the dead skin cells that can not be ordinary soap.

Therefore, this salt mineral salt used as a mixture of water, paste, lotion, and spa center spa.Be how even to combine them with seaweed scrubs and mud masks to get maximum results. Want to enjoy? The Ritz-Carlton, Bali Resort & Spa or the Grand Mirage Resort in Tanjung Benoa area can.